FAQ Page - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use this Site?
Use this site to perform the following tasks:
  • Register your Product and gain access to a variety of product-related content and documents. If you have not yet registered, you may do so right here.
  • Submit a Warranty Claim (along with appropriate supporting information) directly to MyPoolWarranty. (Your product must be registered within 30 days of its date of purchase in order to qualify for a Warranty.) You Must Register your product before submitting your Warranty. Once you have done so, cick on the Warranty Claim link and follow the instructions to submit a Warranty Claim for your Product.

What is the process for creating my Account?
In order to create an account, the system will request your eMail Address and Password that you wish to use.
You may register ONLY ONE Product to a particular eMail Address. To Start the process, click here.

Once you have provided this information, you will be sent a confirmation eMail. Click on the supplied link, and your Account will be registered. Log In and provide the remaining information, and you will be on your way. The program will guide you through the process.

What is my profile, and why should I update it?
Your profile provides contact and other information through which MyPoolWarranty may inform you about your product and related products. By keeping it up to date, you will receive information on a timely basis. Please use the My Profile Menu Option (once you have created an account) to update your profile information.

How do I update my Product Information?
If you have found that your Product Information is incorrect, you may revise it by using the My Product link above. Through this page, you may also replace a registered product with another product (in case you are replacing the physical product).

Please note - once you have submitted a Warranty Claim or Parts Order, you may not change the specifications of your product, you must choose to replace it and provide the revised details for your product.